Forever Young: The Anti-Aging Benefits of Plant-Based Foods

Forever Young: The Anti-Aging Benefits of Plant-Based Foods

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“A recent ad featuring a 77-year old retired body builder has been receiving quite a bit of attention. The ad reads: ‘Think before you eat. Eating vegan helps to prevent obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and strokes. Muscle your way to better health: Go vegan.’

The ad’s subject, Jim Morris, who is now 78 years old, switched to a vegetarian diet at age 50 and went vegan at 65. He credits his dietary shifts for his remarkable physique.

While it is powerful to see a retired body builder taking a stance and crediting a plant-based diet with his health, these benefits aren’t just for extreme athletes–they’re for all of us.

Click the link below to see a few of the diverse ways plant-based foods are, in essence, anti-agers than can help us look and feel our best throughout our lives. […]”


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