Plant-Based Athletes

Plant-Based Athletes“You’re vegan? Where do you get your protein?”

This is possibly the question most asked of vegans. Plant-based athletes continue to shatter the myths about veganism and protein consumption. For those people who think you have to consume animal protein to be a successful athlete or even just stay in shape, here is some information about plant-based athletes that shatter that perception.

This article from features 5 plant-based athletes who have no problem getting plenty of protein from plants.

JackLindquistPistonsDay in the Life is a documentary series created by Filmmaker Sasha Perry and Registered Dietitian Matt Ruscigno. They spend a day with plant-based athletes cooking, eating, training or racing and create high-quality webisodes that show how veganism works for them.
The website contains videos of 11 different sets of athletes from cross-country skiers to ultramarathoners. Some athletes share a favorite recipe, some share tips for traveling while vegan and some share work out tips.
All in all you’ll find a number of athletes across different sports who are thriving on plant-based and vegan diets. You don’t have to be an athlete to gain the benefits of a vegan or plant-based diet and many people who are casual athletes or work out for fun have shared how much better their recovery is after a work out while maintaining a plant-based diet.
What has your experience been with working out while maintaining a plant-based diet?
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