‘Vegan For Her’ Author Highlights Health Issues for Vegan Women

Melissa Nguyen of VegNews.com interviews Virginia Messina, a blogger, dietician, and professor as well as a go-to wellness guru in the vegan community about her new book Vegan for Her. The interview discusses several issues covered in the book regarding health issues specific to vegan women.

The interview (and book) covers topics such as weight-management, changing dietary needs as a woman ages, transitioning to veganism and the nutritional needs of female vegan athletes.

‘Vegan For Her’ Author Highlights Health Issues for Vegan Women

‘Vegan For Her’ Author Highlights Health Issues for Vegan Women

“VegNews: Why did you decide to embark on a project that is geared toward vegan women?
Virginia Messina: I get so many questions about issues specific to women’s health from my blog readers. Many of them go beyond the kinds of things that Jack Norris and I talked about in Vegan for Life, which focused more on meeting nutrient needs. So I wanted to write a book that looked specifically at how women’s health concerns can be addressed within the context of a vegan diet. It addresses issues like breast cancer and fertility that are unique to women, as well as health issues—like osteoporosis, migraine headaches, and depression that are more common among women. I also wanted it to be a practical guide that recognizes the scope of veganism, which is why I asked my co-author JL Fields to provide not just recipes, but a chapter on taking veganism beyond the plate.[…]”

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