Robin Quivers Details Her Path to Health in ‘The Vegucation of Robin’

Robin Quivers details her path to health in ‘The Vegucation of Robin’Robin Quivers, Howard’s Stern’s radio partner of 30 years has just written a book about how going plant-based saved her life. “The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life” is the story she has written about her journey.

After dealing with aches, pains and exhaustion for years she turned first to juicing and then to a plant-based diet to heal herself. She lost weight and felt great. And then she got a dire cancer diagnosis. Little did she know that the plant-based diet she’d been following had been prepping her body to withstand the rigors of major surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She never experienced the fatigue or nausea that most people experience during chemotherapy and radiation.

While her plant-based diet could not prevent her cancer it certainly created an environment for her body to heal effectively and combat the difficult side effects of her treatment. She is now cancer-free.

Her book contains her story as well as over 90 recipes.

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