Red Meat’s Contribution to America’s Health Epidemic

Why Red Meat Is At The Root Of America’s Health Epidemic

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Many articles have been written lately about the dangers to our health of eating red meat. Some of these dangers include heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. This article from VegNews encapsulates some of the latest research and negative impacts of eating red meat.

“Recent health studies show that red meat is a key culprit in a slew of chronic diseases that currently affect the US. Grilled during backyard barbecues, cooked for homemade meals, and ordered on the go at millions of fast food restaurants across the country, red meat is a mainstay in many Americans’ diets, but a growing body of scientific research released within the last year suggests that it may be the common thread in a slew of ailments that are at the root of the country’s health epidemic.”

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Source: VegNews



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