Get the Facts: The Trouble with Casein

Get the Facts: The Trouble with Casein

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If you haven’t heard of casein this article explains what it is and why you should avoid it. The reasons are numerous and slightly frightening. for more information, read The China Study.

Get the Facts: The Trouble with Casein

“[…] But what is it exactly? Casein is the protein that accounts for about 80% of protein found in cows’ milk. Meaning it runs rampant in dairy products.

Regimented reading of ingredients on food labels is proof that this milk protein finds its way into quite a number of plant-based, vegetarian foods, not just veggie cheeses. Since casein typically can be found in said foods in very small increments, it is even allowed to be included in foods labeled “non-dairy” (i.e. soy yogurt).[…]”

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